5 Good Reasons You Should Send Your Child to Nursery

It isn’t uncommon for parents to feel guilty about leaving their children at a nursery school while they go off to work. Giving up on a career after childbirth is not always an option for multiple reasons and the good news is that you actually have no reason to feel guilty either. As it turns out, studies show that children benefit significantly from attending day nurseries. In fact, a lot of experts recommend that all children should attend some form of pre-school during their early years for faster development and for ensuring that they are prepared for real school. On that note, let’s now take a closer look at the top five reasons why we should all consider sending our children to nursery.

Preparation for School

Nurseries help young kids get used to the feel of being with a number of other children for a long period of time without the presence of their parents. The earlier you get rid of their separation anxiety, the better they will be able to cope in school and make positive social connections.

Children Need to Play

We all have busy lives and in most families nowadays, children spend most of their free time watching TV or staring at some other form of screen. While visual media can also help children to learn new things, play time is very important as well. Staff in a quality nursery makes sure that the children get enough play time, instead of just sitting around all day. It helps with muscle development, cognitive development, and social skill development.

Potty Training

Potty training is no easy task for parents, but good nurseries mostly take care of that for you. Children who go to nurseries often develop such basic skills faster than others in their age group.

Making Friends

Learning to make friends is a socio-structural part of life at school. It largely determines what kind of a social experience the child will have later in school, and perhaps throughout his/her life. A nursery is so important in this respect because, after just a few months, your child will already know how to make friends and will find it quite easy to make friends after he/she starts school.

Ahead of the Class

A child who has not had any pre-school training will find himself/herself overwhelmed by everything that school brings with it. Even if you leave the previously discussed aspects of social interaction aside, the educational aspect alone may overwhelm an unprepared young mind. On the other hand, children who have a had a year or more of training from experienced nursery school teachers and staff regarding every challenge the new school might present, will naturally find things much easier, giving them an instant advantage over the others. In light of these benefits, and a few others, it is recommended that parents enroll their children in a local independent nursey for at least a few months before school begins.

Now that you know how beneficial pre-school can be for children, you can rest assured that the hours your little one stays away from you are probably some of the most educationally enriching hours of the day for him/her.