McCain We are Family campaign and our busy life!

There are five of us in our household and as every one of the kids gets a bit older, their interests develop and they want to do their own thing more and more. We’re now at a stage where even meal times can be fragmented; be it through work, or after school activities. Monday’s are a good example really, the kids have swimming after school, and then there is a 30 minute window to get home, feed the eldest and get him to his drumming lesson. Both swimming and drumming times are immutable, and by the time I get back from drumming with him, the other two are in their PJ’s. It doesn’t get better as you can see from the video:

Thankfully we’re all around on a Friday evening though and we all eat together and catch a movie together. Dinner goes one of two ways, we either chuck something quick in the oven like chicken drumsticks and McCain oven chips or we make a thing out of cooking something nice together- like homemade chicken nuggets or battered fish and chips (McCain french fries are the preferred option). Both my wife and I were bought up on the Friday is Fry-day principle and it’s just something we’ve carried over, much like Sunday is the day for a nice roast at lunch time!

Making Friday meal time an event, with the war cry “We are family”, helps us put the hectic week to bed and prepare for some family time at the weekend. And yes, the weekends are equally busy for us!

McCain are celebrating all family types, after research suggested people feel as though they aren’t represented in popular culture. You can see the National Portrait Gallery hosting a 2-week pop up display of the photography that’s been captured which celebrates modern families through the lens of mealtime, which runs from 19th September.