Tips for Raising Independent and Responsible Adults

Every parent wonders if he or she is doing a good enough job raising their kids. The short answer, of course, is that there is no right or wrong way to parent, so long as you try your best and ensure your child’s health and safety. That being said, asking for advice and looking up more effective parenting methods is always welcome, especially if it helps your children learn and grow into responsible and independent adults:


  • Encourage Good Decisions


It’s almost a lost cause to assume that your children won’t try to experiment with alcohol or drugs as they grow up. You cannot control every aspect of their life, and these substances have been a part of high school culture for decades. What you can do, however, is be open and honest with them. Teach them about the dangers of certain drugs and what to do if they don’t feel well, like drink water, or even call an ambulance. Encourage them to be honest and open with you, because it is only then that you can help them make their own decisions and protect themselves. Show them what to do if they’re ever wrongfully or correctly being tried for carrying drugs, and teach them about the conspiracy to supply and all the legal ramifications of doing drugs.

The point is not to ban these behaviours entirely, but to instead give them the information that they need to either be safe when they do it, or to decide not to do it entirely. Teens are notoriously rebellious, but if you have a strong, trusting relationship with them, you can either be their first call if something goes wrong or you can convince them to take their personal safety more seriously. You should never say no, after all, without explaining why.


  • Getting Them a Job


Getting a job means your child can have a disposable income. This might result in poor purchases, but making those poor decisions is a part of growing up. The sooner they get these poor decisions out of the way, the sooner they can start to be responsible with their money.


  • Teaching Them How to “Adult”


Ask any recent graduate, and they’d say that they wished they were taught how to do taxes during high school. There are a lot of crucial life skills that your children will need to know in order to be independent and responsible adults, but many of those skills will have to be taught at home. Have them help with the cooking and with the chores, teach them how to repair their clothes and have them sit down with you when are are filing your taxes. Knowing these life skills can make them more confident and able when they move out of the house and start their futures.

Raising independent and responsible adults means letting them make mistakes and learn from them. It means giving them the tools to succeed and trusting in them to make the right decisions. Teach your children and respect their autonomy, and you will have a capable adult able to achieve all their dreams.