4 Great Electronic Toys for Kids

Toys are toys, regardless of whether they are made from wood, plastic or metal. However, there is something about electronic toys for kids that make great gifts. Maybe it’s the novelty of new technology, but electronics have become the most popular genre of toys in the market today! Let’s take a look at some favourites:

  • deAO Toys RC Amphibious Hovercraft: £35.99

The future is finally here with kids everywhere wanting a hovercraft. It may seem completely alien buying such a toy, so we’ve selected our favourite model. This particular hovercraft offers the best bang for your buck. Measuring just short of 15 inches in length, the deAO hovercraft is a fast and robust all-terrain vehicle that can reach a top speed of 20km/h and has a range of 50 metres. The sleek black hovercraft is also capable of doing 360 degree turns. Powered by two powerful lateral fans, the manufacturer claims that the deAO hovercraft performs better over water. Recommended age: 9 years and above.

  • Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7-inch Tablet: £39.99

Designed specifically for kids, the Dragon Touch Y88X is preloaded with Google’s KIDOZ operating system. KIDOZ is almost identical to Android OS but it comes with one major difference – it’s kid friendly, so you no longer have to worry about your child viewing inappropriate videos or playing unsuitable games. Even the app store is child-friendly. The Y88X is also preloaded with a bunch of Disney freebies, including stories and audio books. With its high video and audio quality, your kids won’t be bugging you about using your expensive iPad ever again. Although the manufacturer have no user age recommendation, we believe children as young as two years old will be able to use the tablet on their own since studies have shown that most children have developed the common skills required to use touch-screen devices by that age.

  • 3Doodler PowerPuff: £49.99

This is like 3D printing, only cooler. Instead of computers and fancy (and expensive) 3D printers, the 3Doodler is a handheld device which can be used to manipulate plastic into any design and shape. The device comes with a large library of designs which your child can use first, so they won’t have a difficult learning curve to master this very impressive toy. Recommended age: 8 to 14 years old.

  • TURNMEON 1.44″ Touch Screen Smart Watch: £29.98

This smart watch is the perfect toy for kids who love to have the same gadgets as mum and dad. The watch doesn’t just tell time. You can connect it to phones and computers, you can play games, and you can even take pictures. On top of that, the TURNMEON smart watch also comes with a GPS tracker, pedometer, SOS alarm and remote listening capability. And as a bonus, owing to its tracking ability, parents can keep track of their children’s whereabouts all day long.