How to Feel Great: 5 Top Tips

It’s been a long, long winter, and you may have been questioning when it was likely to end, but hopefully, by the time you read this, you will be wearing your shorts and be sat with a beer in front of the barbeque. However, the chances are high that you still have the central heating on and it is lashing with rain, which is why you may need some top tips on how to feel great – which are not weather dependent.


  • Clothes


The clothes that you wear are functional in that they hide your nether regions from the unsuspecting public, but they can also give you the ability to feel great. Go to your wardrobe and try all your clothes on. You will find that there are some that although you have designated them for gardening and dirty work, you wear them out in public – these need binning. Keep a t-shirt and pair of trousers to fulfil this role; the rest need to go.

Make a concerted effort to wear clothes that:

  1. Fit you
  2. Complement your body shape
  3. Suit your complexion
  4. Make you feel good

Well-fitting clothes that make you look good makes you feel good too!


  • Exercise


You may have swapped playing football for spectating at the children’s games, but it is time for you to regain your physical fitness. No matter that it has been twenty years, regular exercise is critical to your health, and you need to make every effort to get healthy. You may not be as slender as you were in your youth, but that is even more of a reason to get exercising. There are plenty of groups that you can join to get fit.

Regular exercising releases endorphins that are the happiness hormones. Once you get into exercising, you will find that other areas of your life will be positively impacted, and you will feel great.


  • Personal Grooming


You may visit the local barbers for a haircut, but occasionally, splash out and go to a professional stylist. It may not be something that you have ever done before, but a good cut can transform how you look and take years off you. If you are self-aware of your receding hairline, you could also seek a solution. An innovative Advanced Tricho Pigmentation treatment is one option which works to replicate the appearance of natural hair follicles, specially developed for those with little to no hair and imitates the appearance of a shaved head.

Taking care of your appearance is an important tool to boost your confidence and feel great about yourself.


  • Friends


When you have full on work and family commitments, life can begin to feel like a treadmill. You need to schedule some time to spend with old friends. You know the saying that laughter is the best medicine, so take the opportunity to catch up with friends that you haven’t seen for a while.

It’s so easy to keep in touch with people via social media, but nothing beats face to face communication with people that you can truly be yourself with.


  • New Experiences


Routines are an important aspect of running a household and bringing up children, but although they are important, they can make daily life feel like a schedule, rather than something that should be lived to its maximum. One way to shake that treadmill feeling is to experience something new. Whether you have always wanted to try surfing, visit a Himalayan temple, or even a restaurant in a local town, the stimulation of experiencing something new is exhilarating.

Take control of your own happiness and follow these top tips to give a spring in your step and feel great about yourself. Self-confidence is a wonderful gift to have, and if you can develop it, the benefits to your life are far-reaching.