How to Shave Years off the Way You Look and Feel

Everybody reaches a certain point in life where they begin to feel an urge to shave as many years off as possible, both in the way they look and in the way they feel. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do this, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with acting on these desires.

To act on them, you have to be proactive and you have to resolve to put some work in — if you don’t, you’ll barely shave a day off. To see what needs to be done exactly to make yourself look and feel younger, take heed of the advice that follows.

Frames of youth

If your eyesight just isn’t what it used to be, then it might be time to get yourself a pair of glasses. Don’t see that as being necessarily a bad thing, because it can benefit you in regards to the way you look and feel.

For starters, having an eye test is the single best way to detect any underlying health problems that you may have, and it is one of the most proficient ways of examining the condition of your brain without going through a CAT scan. So, if you want to stop the onset of ageing plights before they take a hold of you, get yourself booked in for an eye test. As well as that, a trendy pair of Mister Spex men’s glasses has the potential to provide you with the frames of youth through the way they can camouflage creases and highlight the bone structure of your face.

Embrace a new diet

Shaving years off of your look isn’t just about directly changing things about yourself, it’s also about changing the way you live — more to the point, it’s about changing your diet.

Ketogenic diets — plans that consist of high fat, low carb eating — are proven to have an impact on any physique, no matter the age of he or she who embraces it, so that is certainly one that could benefit you if you embrace and then stick to it. A diet that could prove to be even more beneficial for you is veganism — studies have shown that such diets provide a healthy amount of fibre and antioxidants through their plant compounds, and that they are far richer in vitamins A, C and E than normal diets are, and this only ever has a positive impact on the skin.

If you or anybody you know suffers from arthritis, then you should know that going vegan helps to reduce the pain of that, too. The probiotic-rich, raw food diet found in most areas of veganism has been proven to improve common arthritis pain, like joint swelling and stiffness in the morning. This is because these types of vegan diets are what are known as anti-inflammatory diets, being made up mainly of foods rich in whole grain.

You have every right to shave years off of the way you look and feel if you want to, and don’t let society tell you otherwise!