Broad(band)ly speaking, it’s time to switch supplier

Dig a trench outside my house? Id rather you didn’t…

The latest round of price rises from our broadband provider, along with a rather snotty tone when I phoned and politely asked why I was being penalised for being loyal (I hate complaining or trying to get a “deal” on the phone, it’s just so un-British) have been the final straw and now I’m looking for a new broadband supplier!

Basically I was paying £50 a month extra for less in my overall package than someone who was going to be a new customer and that didn’t impress me much. Less so when the chap in the call centre explained the concept of discounted offers to new customers subsidised by existing customers to me like I was a 12 year old.

We’ve been with our current supplier almost 12 years, mostly as a result of a fault in the line that our old supplier was going to attempt to stiff us for fixing. There was a fault and the broadband kept dropping. It was either in the house or outside. If it was inside the house, it was our look out to fix, if it was outside they’d pick up the bill. The problem was the engineer was only going to check outside the house and if he didn’t find the fault, it’d cost us a £150 call out fee and the thing still wouldn’t have been fixed. Without wanting to get too technical, I’d plugged the modem router straight into the master socket and it still didn’t work, so the fault was outside. But if the engineer didn’t find it, either through incompetence or something else, we’d have had to pay. It definitely wasn’t worth the risk, so when it came down to it, we switched supplier and they sorted it all out as part of the install process- hurrah!

But what started off as a good value package has slowly crept up as I’ve subsidised all the deals for new customers over the last 10+ years and now it’s time to be on our merry way. The problem is I don’t really know where to start; I’m well up on my tech but this isn’t something I’ve had to look at so I’m a bit stumped. Fortunately there are plenty of comparison sites now where you can find broadband and phone deals now days, and often you can pick up a freebie too. The one I’m currently looking at comes with a John Lewis gift card that will be handy come our wedding anniversary next month.

Some of the comparison sites out there nicely highlight any offers that available, which is great. I’m certainly not going to leave it as long to switch suppliers again, if I’m going to be penalised for my loyalty, what price loyalty?