5 Ways Dads Can Speed Up Their Grooming Routine

There are plenty of articles written about busy mums and how they can speed up their beauty and skincare routines, but for dads, there isn’t as much consideration; why is that?

Traditionally men have been seen as less interested in their looks. That “bed hair” look has always got you through before, right?


The Importance Of Being Well Groomed

Being well-groomed is today the key to success, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a sharp suit, short hair, and no beard. No, being well-groomed today means having your personal look and style and ensuring you’re looking good, and that can be a tough thing for busy dads to do when there isn’t a lot of time in the morning!

Here are five ways you can implement a good grooming routine that will leave you looking, smelling, and, most importantly, feeling good every morning whilst still being able to make sure the kids are fed, watered, and off to school on time.

The Dry Shampoo Secret

There will be some days where you just don’t have time for that lengthy shower in the morning.

This is where dry shampoo comes in. It’s been a secret of women for many decades, but there’s no reason why you can’t get involved too! Pick a dry shampoo that has either no smell or a faint masculine scent, and a dry shampoo with a hint of colour. Give your hair a quick spray and a tussle before brushing it through in the morning, and you’ll cover up that day-old look in no time.

Get the right products

Make sure to get the right products, too, to help speed up the process. It is always recommended to go with high-quality grooming products, like those sold by the London Grooming Company. Better products will go on better, whether in your hair or your skin, and leave long-lasting effects. For example, if you use great quality shampoo, you might need to wash your hair less often.

Make Time For Grooming

Ok, this tip seems impossible, right? Well, it’s not entirely as straightforward as it seems. You’re a busy dad, and time is precious, so it can seem like a bit of a waste of time to worry too much about grooming habits as long as you’re clean and fairly well kept.

Why not combine your habits? If you’re watching TV, sort out your clothes for the morning, check your nails, consider a skincare routine. If women can multitask, so can men!

Hand Cream Is King

You’re wondering why on earth you’d want hand cream? Well, because actually softer hands are nicer for everyone, you, your kids, and your partner. There are plenty of great hand cream products for men that will leave your hands feeling softer and also protect against dry and cracked skin.

As a bonus tip, hand cream can be used in a pinch to tame frizzy hair, which makes this option a fantastic go-to for busy men on the go!

The Wet Wipe Secret

This is one of the best secrets on the list: keeping wet wipes handy. By wet wipes, we don’t mean baby wipes (although unscented baby wipes would do); there are plenty of smaller travel-sized packs of moist tissue wipes that are perfect for keeping in your jacket pocket or the car and great for wiping away first, giving your face a quick freshen up and generally helping you to feel clean and fresh throughout the day.

Wet wipes are great for you and your skin, but please, don’t flush them down the toilet.