Creepy stuff in the loft


I wasn’t even aware this jigsaw belonged to “me” when we were sorting out some stuff in the loft the other day. Is it me or were the 1970’s just a bit crazy?

Somewhere, someone set up a load of highly flammable (and possibly homemade) soft toys in a pin the tail on the donkey scene, resplendent with party food and more than a little essence of childhood nightmare. View Full Post

Communication breakdown

Last week I managed to have one conversation than spanned two Twitter DM accounts, text message, AND Facebook messenger. It was confusing and exhausting and not my fault. Now I’m sitting at my desk at work, fielding passive aggressive emails from my 8 year old about her older brother who tricked her in to turning the PS4 off and then jumped on it himself when she left the room. I’m messaging him through the PSN (Playstation Network) chat facility, using my PS4 account via a web browser and telling him to turn it off. I can tell he hasn’t as it is still showing him as online and the tricksy little sod hasn’t worked out how to appear offline yet. I imagine at his end he keeps on getting irritating pop ups that are slightly spoiling his game.

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Don’t go “banking” on a holiday

The bank holiday weekend saw us busier than I can remember us being over a three day period. It certainly wasn’t a holiday as we worked our way through a fairly major reorganisation of our garage conversion.

When we had the garage converted about 7(?) years ago, we had it made in to three rooms- a play room which lead to a utility room, on to the old extension on the back of the garage which was our library. This didn’t really work as the library, right at the end of the house, became a dumping ground for stuff that didn’t have a home, and the playroom, effectively a corridor, wasn’t the most conducive place for kids to play.

So with a bit of jigging around, we now have an end room that’s better as a play/games room, and our library in the “corridor”. Not that it being a corridor is an issue, because I happen to think it looks pretty good:

It’s amazing what five and a half IKEA Billy bookcases can do for a room. To be honest they were a bit of an indulgence as we had some in the old room but they were in a couple of instances about 14 years old and were getting a bit tatty. One or two of the shelves were excessively bowed from having triple stacked books on them, so I felt it was time to replace them. Fair thee well trusted Billys! It was interesting to see how the design has changed over the years. That is actually a lie, it’s not that interesting.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the kids wrecking everything- I took plenty of pictures before they trashed it all…

Diary of the Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

The original three Wimpy Kid movies are firm favourites in our house, so the news of a belated fourth (I won’t call it a reboot, it’s just a new film with a different cast; the original kids all probably have hipster beards now) movie was met with a mixture of glee and trepidation in our house.

Glee, because Wimpy Kid books and movies and fun, trepidation because we don’t like change, and a whole new cast is a lot to handle.

Fortunately from the moment we sat down in the cinema, looking at the movie poster up on the screen, we knew we were in safe hands. The Heffley’s car even had the license plate DWK 04- a nod to the fact there had been three previous Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies and this was the fourth. View Full Post

That’s one hell of a playlist

We drove in to London yesterday to attend a screening of the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, The Long Haul (expect a review tomorrow or the day after). The car ride itself wasn’t particularly memorable other than the roads being more quiet than typical for a Sunday morning, but the radio provided some unexpected entertainment.

I have my car radio tuned in to Absolute Radio (Virgin Radio in old money) and they were playing their usual mixture of 90’s onward rock. This annoys my wife as I’m not down with it (her car is tuned to Radio 1) but I’m too old and too set in my ways to change.

Things took a turn for the surreal when we got to Staples Corner. I’ve always had a soft spot for Depeche Mode’s Violator album but not to the point I’ll inflict it on others, so image my surprise when Personal Jesus came on and the boy started singing along to it. By the second verse his sister had joined in. I’m struggling to think where they could have heard it before; they’ve probably heard the Johnny Cash version on his America IV album (they also love Hurt from that album too) but they nailed it pretty perfectly. View Full Post

Failing on World Free Comic Book Day

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Saturday was, as the title suggests, free comic book day. We failed at this fairly spectacularly. The ten year old had been made aware of it by some other agency than me, so had his usual unrealistic expectations. No, you’re not going to be able to get the shops entire stock of Spider-Man comics for free, what there will be is a limited number of a few specific titles.

As it turned out, when we made it to the comic shop just after lunch, there were no comics at all. As we mooched around, several small boys came in and approached the chap behind the counter who had to tell all of them that the free comics ran out a couple of hours previously. I imagine the people queuing for the shop to open got the majority of them; free isn’t really free if you have to invest the time to queue, and we had plans first thing. View Full Post

Now it’s summer – Amazon, and a BBQ

A couple of weeks ago now I was invited to the Amazon Now It’s Summer rooftop BBQ in London. It’s taken me a couple of weeks to blog about it as I thought it would sit well with a lovely upturn in the weather but since outside is still doing it’s best impression of late Feb/early March, I’ve scrapped that idea. Ironically Amazon’s  #NowItsSummer store itself is actually weather reactive when it comes to recommendations- if it’s sheeting it down outside, you can guarantee it’s clever algorithms won’t be recommending suntan lotion; you’re much more likely to get brollies or wellies. Perhaps I can stop asking my Echo Dot what the weather is going to be like every morning and just check out the Now Its Summer Store. View Full Post

This time of year

Although we had horrible hailstorms the other day, and I’ve woken up to a ground frost outside on more than one occasion this week, I can safely say from a personal perspective I like April/May quite a lot. It’s the profusion of bank holidays that does it for me; two and Easter and two book ending May. Coupled with the clocks going forwards, and more daylight anyway, it really seems that we’ve told winter to sod off and things are getting better.

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(No) Fear of the Dark

The Fates colluded yesterday to leave me the house to myself in the evening. The lady wife was off in Birmingham at an overnight course and the kids were having a sleepover as I had been invited to Amazon’s Summer BBQ. As the hailstones fall as I’m writing this, I’m smirking at the idea of a summer BBQ but it was good fun and it’s always nice to get out occasionally.

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Marvel’s Iron Fist a Netflix Originals

Whatever Iron Fist have have had in terms of reviews, I’m loving it. I didn’t get the opportunity to binge watch it when it came out last month as I was too busy with work and external commitments (and we were watching Sleepy Hollow but sshhh, don’t tell anyone). It’s more enjoyable than both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, and, at the moment at least as much fun as Daredevil. Danny Rand is simply a nicer person than Matt Murdoch, which makes it easier to empathise with him. I love the fact that Danny is determined to be nice to everyone, despite their intentions for him, it’s unusual to see but I suppose reflect the Buddhist teachings that sit behind Kung Fu. View Full Post