Feeling hot hot hot

Firstly to all you lovely people who have given me awards, sorry, I’m crap and I will try and sort them out soon. Once the significant other has shown me what to do :)

I see from the weather forecast (Ha! Do they ever actually forecast the weather or do they just tell you what the weathers been like today? They certainly do the latter more accurately for sure) that the weather is going to be cooler tomorrow. Boo hiss etcetera etcetera. Aside from a lack of sunshine and general heat, this means m’laddo isn’t going to sleep as well. During the current hot spell he has done his usual- he has two speeds, full pelt and asleep, much like the missus- and run around like a loon, he’s had a nap and sleep really well all night. In fact at the weekend he slept in until almost 9am. Which was nice.

He’s also been sleeping under a quilt wearing a little singlet, which makes him look like a right little bruiser (the singlet that is, not the quilt, the quilt has cute little animals on it) but it looks like this will be an end to this.