Littlest’s bedroom

We’ve been pondering for a while what to do about Ned’s room. Although we live in a four bed house, the fourth bedroom is a box room and while it’s true that he’s the smallest in literal terms at the moment, as he gets bigger the injustice of having a room either half or a third of the size of his siblings is going to start to prey on his mind.


Moving by stealth

Consequently we’ve been looking at either extending or moving to get more room. Both are fraught with issues though, as anything involving property often is.

We spent a little over a month just trying to get local architects to even reply to our emails or phone calls and then when we had a meeting booked with one, the so and so didn’t even turn up. Still, we have some interesting potential ideas, if we ever get to speak to anyone who might be able to progress them. View Full Post

Nozstock The Hidden Valley announces new acts!

Nozstock The Hidden Valley - new posterAh Nozstock! The boutique festival that we just keep on returning to, has announced some more acts. We love Nozstock because it’s small enough that you can get up close to the live music but large enough to be well organised and thought out.

This year will be our first fully mobile year as Ned is now officially far too old for a pushchair and he knows it!

Tickets are available now from the Nozstock website.

Nozstock The Hidden Valley have just announced more amazing names joining them this July 22nd – 24th in the beautiful rolling Herefordshire hills, with Imelda May, The Skints, Goldie, Jaguar Skills, My Nu Leng, Buster Shuffle, The Lounge Kittens, King Kong Company, Benjamin Yellowitz, OOOD, Illegal Machines and many more joining the already revealed Jurassic 5, Foreign Beggars, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Slamboree, Hot 8 Brass Band, Professor Elemental, Friction ft. Linguistics, DJ Marky & MC GQ, Dimension, Rene LaVice + Stapleton and many more., plus comedy from Henning Wehn, Phil Kay and Richard Herring.

We went on a dads play date and this is what happened

img_20160416_090547.jpgMy favourite sort of blogging things are those that aren’t just boring straight up products reviews, so when I was invited on the rather secretive Dads Play Date a month or so ago, I was immediately interested. I still remained interested when I found out we’d have to leave at SIX O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING to get there on the proposed day. I mean, 6am, that’s the sort of time I usually pretend to be asleep as a procession of small people open and slam our bedroom door to see if we’re up yet. View Full Post

Review: Philips FC9920/69 Ultimate Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Philips FC9920-69 1My wife and I have 16 years of parent blogging between us but if you asked us all those years ago which product we’d end up reviewing the most, I’d have been surprised if the answer came back as vacuum cleaners but we’ve reviewed over ten of them between us, and now I’m on the road to upping that to a round dozen with the Philips FC9920/69, a cylinder cleaner that Philips have kindly sent us for review. View Full Post

I’m stuck

fbp2I remember when I was little having one of my few childhood play dates round Enzo’s house. Enzo wasn’t particularly a friend but he had admitted to completing the Rambo First Blood videogame. I was hopelessly stuck on the Spectrum version of it at one point but Enzo said he knew how to get round the problem. The fact that he had the Amstrad CPC version didn’t occur to me at the time but when I got round his house I found it was a very different game- bright, colourful and much much slower. Turns out Enzo wasn’t doing anything different to me but he had the benefit of not needing twitch reflexes to progress. View Full Post


Our home is a verbose household. We’ve never really felt the need to talk in baby babble to our kids and both us like expressive language. When I was younger, I used to sit with Dad’s 1950’s big hardback dictionary, lamenting the loss of words like Aardwolf from common usage and pocket dictionaries. View Full Post

Jam Jars

I’m all for recycling and reusing stuff- I’ve got a 1Direction CD as a coaster at work (don’t ask me where I got it from, I have no idea, I certainly didn’t pay for it) but there are some things that simply too good to be true. Take for example the bold claim that you can upcycle a jam jar… View Full Post

Is the Huawei P9 the ultimate phone for parents?

huawei P9Smartphones are increasingly becoming a major part of all of our lives. Heck, sometimes I even use mine to make telephone calls. Imagine that! But as a parent there are certain things I look for in a mobile phone that it isn’t always that easy to find all in one place.

By accident, Huawei might have actually made that phone in the Huawei P9 but first let me rewind a little and start at the beginning. View Full Post

Bignor Roman Villa

On Monday on our way down to Butlins in Bognor Regis we stopped in at Bignor Roman Villa. I say stopped in, a better description would be we took a 25 mile detour to visit. Bignor isn’t a place that can get much through traffic but it’s not it’s fault- a Roman villa is where a Roman villa is; it’s not as if you can move it for better passing trade.

Bignor is a site with some of the best Roman mosaics you’ll ever see but it’s also a site that rather charmingly seems trapped in the early 1980’s. Some of the labels are hand written, others typed on an actual typewriter and in one instance, a note says some hip bones from an infant skeleton have been temporarily removed for DNA testing. The label is dated around 1990. View Full Post