We have had a breakthrough!*

The wee lass is almost 5 months old now, something that has crept up on us all of a sudden. There have been a few indicators of this in recent weeks: she’s watched us eating with great focus and intensity, she gets bored laying down very quickly, she’s almost repeated the infamous new nostril ripping trick her brother visited upon me at a similar age and the cries of frustration and not quite being able to roll over are frequent and loud (although she has managed to roll off the sofa but not on my watch I hasten to add).

We only started M’laddo on solids as early as we did because of his silent acid reflux. We had no intention of doing the same with the wee lass but she was watching the fork to mouth action so intently, we thought we’d try and now you can see her straining forward with every fibre of her being towards to spoon with purée on it that evidently isn’t coming towards her as fast as she’d like.

The one area that the wee lass is still causing problem in is her feeding though. Especially at night time, she has stubbornly refused to deviate from a 3 hour feeding regime. And as a lot of you will know, the timing for a 3 hour gap between feeds is from the start of the feed, so by the time you factor in the feeding and the winding and the getting back off to sleep, as a parent you often only get an hour or two between feeds. Well for the last 3 days (possibly due to the huge quantities of Ella’s Organics we’ve stuffed into her chops), she’s slept from 7.30pm to half two and then from half two til gone 6. Yes, I know she’s only pretending and that it will be much worse once she reasserts her normal pattern but for the moment we’re clinging to this tiny crumb of hope with both hands and stifling a yawn at the same time :)

And it really is hats off to wifey- she does this arduous night time regime Sunday through to Thursday and I only do the weekends. And its all I can do to not be a grumpy so and so on a Saturday as I’ve been up half the night after a busy week at work. Still, mustn’t grumble as I have it easy compared to some (Miles, if Jenny’s reading this she should tell you I have it easy!)

*that will turn out to be very short lived I’m sure. I know from bitter experience with M’laddo that they lull you into a false sense of security and then catch you out.