EA Sports Active

My feet aren’t my best feature. I think I might have bunions developing and I suffer terribly from cracked toenails. My 2nd toe is about a centimetre longer than my big toe and makes it really difficult to get shoes fit properly.

Why the long hard look at my feet? Well I’ve seen rather more of them recently than I normally do. I’ve been keeping up the EA Sports Active reigme (but due to various trips I’ve still not managed to get going on the 30 day challenge), and doing it barefoot to boot (is that a pun? I’m too knackered to know). I’m liking the fact its full of different stuff to do, although if I have to do any more lunges, I might cry (in a manly way of course). Even my malformed feet are happy with the jogging and overall I’m still enjoying it and want to do more of it, I just need to find the time and motivation. For me though, coupled with my 3 and half mile walk to and from work, it’s definitely beginning to show (I’ve dropped a couple of waist sizes this summer, which is nice- it’s like I have an entire new wardrobe of trousers).

Anyway, in a couple of weeks I’ll have enough spare time to blitz my 30 day challenge.

Go me!