Doctor’s Waiting Room

Waiting room is the right word. Why is it that Doctor’s are never apologetic when they finally see you well over an hour after your appointment?

M’laddo had sore bits and general flu like symptoms so we booked him in to see a doctors this evening at 5.50. I took him and didn’t take a change bag or anything because how long would they keep a two year old waiting? Well past the point where he over-filled his nappy and wet himself unfortunately. At 7pm when we finally got into see the doctor, she apologised to me. My response was to say, it’s not me she should be apologising to, its my little boy. Credit to her she did.
I could tell the wee lad wasn’t well because he was astonishingly well behaved too. It’s a struggle for a two year old to stay still for long, especially when there are no toys or books present and he did a magnificent job.
Shame we were really let down by the doctors really.