That Makes Sense Then

When M’laddo says “Hold on a minute, me got idea!” I tend to roll with it as the end results can be interesting.

Last night was no exception. Teeth had just been brushed with the enabler of tooth-brushing, the Spiderman electric toothbrush*, when he decided to forgo the normal trip to bed. All I heard was the notorious phrase, and he disappeared off to his bedroom. Glances were exchanged with wifey and I followed him into his room. Drawers were rummaged and over 3 trips back and forth, he built a huge mound of his clothes onto our bed.
Eventually I caved in and asked him what he was up to:
“Me build pile, climb to ceiling, like robot.”
Well, that’s sorted that one out then.

*prior to this, it was a nightly fight with dread threats and so on, just to get his teeth even vaguely clean