2010- My thoughts on the year ahead

2009 has been a pretty epic year. We’ve celebrated the birth of the wee lass and our 5th wedding anniversary, M’laddo broke his foot, wifey had an operation, I joined a book group, and I started this blog. and those are just the things I’m willing to admit to in public.

Wifey looked a little glum last night when she said their was nothing epic to look forward to in 2010 but I’d disagree personally. This is going to be the year when the wee lass starts talking and the two of them start playing together well. We’ve a clutch of friends who are expecting their own little ones, either their first, second or in one instance third, which is exciting and wont keep us up at night either.
It seems to be the current vogue not to have New Years Resolutions, and I’m not going to break the trend by listing half a dozen generic things that wont get done. But I am planning on doing some stuff this year, and we do have some plans already sorted.
Since M’laddo was born we’ve not really been on enough holidays. This is mostly due to the cost of them but this year we’ve co-opted my inlaws for a week in Norfolk and my brother and his other half for a week in Lyme Regis. We’ve been on holiday with my inlaws a few times and they are ace. The seem to know exactly how much stuff to do together and how much time we’d like as a family by ourselves.
I’m looking forward to laying the decking in front of our re jigged summer house. In 2008 we did a fairly awesome bit of reorganisation in our garden and completely failed to finish it off in 2009 with the decking due to the massive handful that handling two little kids actually was.
I am actually up to date with my work at the moment, for the first time in years, and I intend to keep it that way. This will reduce my stress levels and hopefully make me a better person outside of work.
I want to keep the weight loss going, I know I’ll probably never hit the magical 14.5 stone that is my theoretical ideal weight, but getting close(r) to it will be great.
Paradoxically I need to stop dicking around on the internet as much. There’s plenty I want to do that’s creative, in terms of writing, in terms of practical craft stuff and I need to learn how to use a soldiering iron pretty soon. Often instead of doing stuff like this, I cruise internet forums, hitting F5 every couple of minutes. Needs to be reduced.
So, there you go, another rambling post to start the year, I suppose at least I am starting the year as I will continue :)
What I do know is the 10’s are going to be pretty top, I have a great loving awesome wife and two cracking little children to see me by, whatever the weather throws up.