Jesus Phone Alert!

The Apple iPhone is (somewhat disparagingly) know as the Jesus phone because Apple zealots treated its arrival as some sort of second coming.

I’ve stocially avoided the iPhone and iPods for years, partially because they’re over priced but mostly because the sound quality for music isn’t great. But my phone contract was up for renewal and I thought it was time to dip my toe in the Apple world and get a iPhone 3GS*.
The phone itself is made from a special black magic substance that has no friction- if you lie it down on the carpet, it will somehow slide half way across the floor on its own. Of course it doesn’t come with a case so you need to buy one, and good luck finding one below 20 quid as there is some sort of unofficial cartel in operation that fixes the price of accessories. I managed it but only because the packaging was made of that special vacuum sealed plastic that’s sharper than razor blades.
The big selling point of the iPhone though are the app(lication)s:
  1. Rightmove- wander around an area and have your iPhone point out houses that are for sale to you. Great if you’re buying, good if you’re a fan of being nosy;
  2. Sky Sports Football score centre- well I am a chap :D ;
  3. not an app but a website that lets you stream Freeview TV channels;
  4. RDC- a free remote desktop programme that allows you to control your home PC remotely. Better than the Windows Mobile version, which is shameful;
  5. Stanza, an awesome ebook reader that is the next best thing to an actual ereader in my book (see what I did there? Eh? Eh?)
So two weeks in and I’m begrudgingly loving it, despite how pants iTunes appears to be. It’s crashed on me several times since I installed it on my PC.
I just need to keep it away from M’laddo, who is drawn to tech like a moth to a flame. This tech feels a bit too delicate to withstand the vigours of a two year old.
* if I wanted to get really techie, I was fed up with resistive touchscreens and fancied trying a capacitive one.