The circumvention of the easy way round

On paper the construction of 4 IKEA bookcases, the re-arrangement of the dining room and the shifting of a desk upstairs seems the work of moments. Well, probably an evening anyway.

In reality, and unfortunately that’s the world I live in, I appeared to be at it from around 8pm til 11pm four nights on the trot. Moving all the furniture to put them in place took a while, and more often than not required the use of a vacuum once the table had been moved (the nippers feed themselves and the carpet in equal measure).
The problem is moving everything out of the way and back in to the way afterwards is blinking time consuming. And I couldn’t screw them to the wall during the hours of darkness for fear of waking the mini bundle of nocturnal rage that is our daughter. So without screwing them to the wall, I couldn’t affix the glass doors and so on and so forth and etcetera etcetera.
But after a gargantuan effort on Friday night, when M’laddo chipped in with the Bob Work before bedtime, I finally got it all done.
Our dining room now looks like a dining room rather than a study with a dining table in it. This is a good thing.