I am cursed regularly by Hallmark

On days like today I eschew the greetings card industry which is ever more pushing cards for every single occasion (I refused to buy a UN World Peace day card for anyone, a card too far).

No, I don’t give my money to these institutions in return for a gaudy card purchased by thousands, I indulge in a bit of DIY. I was roundly ridiculed on Thursday by Big Dave at work as we strolled up the town for my quick trip into Paperchase to buy a blank card and envelope to make my own Valentines Day card for wifey. He called me a cheap-skate as he clutched his 3 Trueblood books with free card and gift wrap from Waterstones. The cheek!
Every Christmas and Valentines wifey gets an absolutely unique card that no one else in the world has ever had or will ever have.
Just one of the ways I try to remind her how absolutely special she is to me- love you wifey!