Cough Cough

I am ever so proud of our son because at the age of not quite three he seems to have mastered something that around 98% of the adult population of this country haven’t managed to come to grips with. It’s not tricky, but the vast majority of the adults I come across can’t frickin manage to put their hand over their mouths when they cough.

Posh people, scruffy people, old people (probably distracted by Operation Elderly Persons in the Way) and young people all over the country haven’t mastered the simple act of putting their hand over their mouth when they cough. This is proof positive that advertising doesn’t work, or the gov. doesn’t spend enough on the right ad agency.

I personally don’t understand how people that seem otherwise well educated and civilised can behave in such a gross uncouth manner. Do they really think I want to see the back of their throat or the little speckles of phlegm that project from their gaping maw? Do they really think I want their disgusting germs? Or are they just so self centred and selfish they don’t care?

Either way, at not quite three, M’laddo has more manners than most people. When I got home to day, he even covered his mouth with a hanky whilst coughing and dabbed at the corners of his mouth afterwards. Yes, he is a particular lad but frankly most people out there could take a leaf out of his book.