The Tooth Fairy Film Review

A few weeks ago M’laddo and I were lucky enough to go an early screening of The Tooth Fairy. The last time I saw a film with Dwayne Johnson in, he was still using his wrestling alter ego the Rock, and it had Mummys in it. I must say I was impressed with Mr “The Rock” in the Tooth Fairy, it was actually possible to ignore his huge biceps since he can act. It was pretty well cast overall really, Ashley Judd was a much more believable single mum than the usual suspects of Cameron Diaz etc and your man from the Office was a bit of a scene stealer.
What was interesting though was the Boys response to it. At three he was just about old enough for it. He can watch feature films all the way through but usually they’re animated. Disney or Dreamworks films mostly and I swear if Toy Story 3 isn’t the best film in history I will seriously have to kill someone because he’s made me watch the first two all the way through until I know the scripts off by heart. As a result I can’t remember the entirety of Monty Python and the Holy Grail any more either. With the exception of Nanny McPhee 2, this is the first full length “proper” films he wanted to watch all the way through. The ice hockey probably helped, nothing like a bit of violence to assist things as far as he’s concerned.
What was nice to see where a load of jokes that worked on two levels, something slapstick for the kids but a pun or play on words for the adults. That’s the usual milieu of Pixar, so it was a pleasant surprise. With two small children, realistically it’s going to be kids films at the cinema for me for the next few years (a shame as I am a bit of a film buff), so it is nice to see a “watch with the kids” live action film that isn’t entirely redundant for adults.