Me wissey

For reasons best known and never divulged, M’laddo has decided to rename his willy. This is of more import now that he has toilet trained himself because his willy is out and about quite a bit more. So he no longer has a willy, he has a wissey.

This was highlighted to great effect on Sunday afternoon when we were doing some hardcore gardening. We were turning the corner of the vegetable patch that was full of stones and prunings into a bed suitable for some runner beans. This meant digging over the soil and getting rid of the old clods of turf I’d dumped there.

This proved to be a veritable cornucopia of wild life, all of which had to be picked up and shown to Mummy. We found centipedes, a newt, a caterpillar, many many worms, and lots of woodlice. I’m not fond of centipedes crawling all over me but I don’t mind woodlice. M’laddo however wouldn’t go near the woodlice. His reason? “They might go up me wissey.”