Chicken Pox- what they don’t tell you

Our eldest is now more or less over his chicken pox and it’s now baby Fifi’s turn to have it. We knew last night that today would be the day the spots came out because M’laddo tipped us off two weeks ago.

You see, all the guides to the pox state what the spots look like and where they’re most likely to occur first. None of the ones I’ve read state that the night before will be a night of mania and over excitement. We were on holiday when the boy came down with chicken pox and the night before he was up until around 11pm, bouncing around like nobodies business, full of the sort of crazy energy that normally takes his body weight in Fruit Shoots. Next day, wallopp- head to foot in spots.

Last night Fifi was pretty much the same, despite being half his age. She was rampaging through our bedroom, emptying her sippy cup over my pillow and generally refusing to go to bed until almost 11pm. No amount of Calpol or Piriton administered in legal doses had any effect on her, and everything was absolutely hilarious.

So there you have it, if you suspect your child of harbouring the pox, wait for the night of mania and book the next few days off of work accordingly.

You have been warned!