In which my friend buys an Apple iPad

an iPad, earlier

I strolled up to our local premium Apple reseller with our IT guy after work yesterday. He’d had poor service from them earlier in the day so had been on live chat with the head office when he got back to complain about it. The end result was rather amusing; they couriered a 16gig Wifi iPad to the store  and held it under an entertaining name for pick up.

We walked into the store and the manager looked straight at him and said “Are you the ‘Evil Prince of Darkness’?”

He said yes and proceeded to spend £460 on an iPad and a case. That’s the benefit of not having children.

They are lovely, the screen is exceptionally clear, the interface intuitive and the whole thing wouldn’t look out of place on the console deck of the Starship Enterprise but at over 400 quid for the basic model, it is just too much for me. I initially thought they were very expensive but I’ve come to realise with a capactive screen that size and all the tech in there, its actually a fairly competitive price- you can spend more than that on a 3inch screened mobile phone that’s contract free. I imagine in a house full of small children an iPad would be a godsend, as there’s no moving parts for a one year old to maul.If you’re iPadded up and have a small child, let me know your experiences!