McDonalds- I’m loving it?

Its not often I get the right arse when we’re out, Wifey will agree I’m the worlds most easy goiing bloke but this evening I almost exploded in a fit of pure and unadulterated rage at the McDonalds on the corner of Regent St and Little Portland Street

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We got there with 3 under fours at ten past 6 in the evening. Little did I realise the golden arches would be the scene of such aggravation. I made the mistake of queuing behind a man who decided to individually order 8 milkshakes and 6 fish burgers. And then haggle. That was my fault, the other queues went quicker but as the place got busier, the member of staff behind the counter advised me to join another queue as it would take a while. So I did. Within a minute he’d cleared the milkshake mans order, and got onto serving the four people behind me, whilst refusing to make eye contact with me and do the decent thing and correct his bad advice. I now had 7 people in front of me and had already being queuing over ten minutes.

Ten minutes later, I almost had to shout to make myself heard over the wails of hunger from family and friends, I was told (told curtly, not apologetically) that there were no fish fingers, officially making M’laddos dinner an Unhappy Meal TM. I was more than a little gobsmacked that a fast food restuarant could actually run out of fast food. I was offered the chance of a cut up fillet of fish and had little choice but to accept it.

The drama didn’t end there though, our friend Garden Mum took her daughter to the toilet and had to act hastily to avoid being swept away in a tidal wave of toilet water as a member of stuff flushed the blocked toilet in the next cubicle in an attempt to clear it. Awesome stuff.

We weren’t even safe after we’d left the restaurant, walking down Little Portland Street, one of the staff flung the side door open whilst pushing a wheelie bin and almost sent two of the kids flying.

Personally I would have walked out after the queuing farrago but there aren’t a huge number of places in the West End to get children something to eat in a hurry at gone six on a Sunday. Fortunately their are other places and in future I’ll try them and I’d advise you to do the same, steer clear of this branch. The fact it gets one out of 5 on review sites like Yelp! shows I’m far from the only person that’s had piss poor service from this branch.