The detritus of my childhood

It’s not an interesting story but I was having a rummage round my parents house yesterday for some old Sega Saturn games I had when I was younger. A couple of them are worth around the £100 mark and the clarion call of ebay was loud in my ear.

I didn’t find them- they are lost forever in the ether (or more likely in landfill or some lucky charity shop frequenters collection) but I did find a lot of lost memories from when I was little.

I found a box of Britain’s Space toys like this:

Britain's Space figures

I used to have hours of fun with these when I was younger. When you’re younger and have few cares in the world, get a good nights kip and have the time, your imagination is so fertile you can spend forever playing and reading.

And the books! So many books put away 20+ years ago for grandchildren. It’s funny, there is a complete set of Famous Five books, which have recently been rewritten to remove all the “old fashioned” language. Personally, I want M’laddo to grow up exclaiming “Wizard!” and “Jolly good!”, so these will get read rather than the revised versions. There are loads of Rupert annuals full of Gollywogs which we’ll probably have to censor too.

It’s funny what you remember and what you forget. I remember the Action Man stuff and I found that but I didn’t manage to locate the Action Force stuff. That’s got to be somewhere I suppose.

I have to admit it made me very nostalgic. When I look at the excess of toys our kids have and the actual paltry amount of Britain’s space stuff I had yet enjoyed so much, I can’t help but think less is sometimes more.