I own no…

….jeans. This has come as a bit of a surprise to me to be honest. The only thing that made me realise was the trouser hunt I went on after my pair of GAP cords finally gave up the ghost on Monday night. I sat down to bottle some homebrew and heard a gentle tearing. It wasn’t a massive ripping noise because the material is worn too thin for that and this makes it unrepairable.

Farewell brown cords!

So yes, I don’t own any denim whatsoever. How have I got into this strange situation? The last time a pair of jeans gave out on me, I hunted high and low (whilst humming the Aha song) for a reasonably priced replacement pair but they were all either £70 and really faded (like I need to pay a premium to buy a pair of half worn out trousers?) or incredibly dark and well pressed. So I gave up after an inordinate amount of looking*

I think it’s probably time to buy some more trousers. The struggle of finding something with a 34inch inside leg and a 38 inch waist begins again…

*at least 10 minutes in almost 3 shops, it was a labour of Hercules style effort.