“Cheese roll”

Our two little ones can both be very similar at times but for a lot of it they’re like chalk and cheese. Wifey often says the boy is a lot like her; he likes his peace and quiet and if he hasn’t got anything to say, he doesn’t say anything. Fifi on the other hand, the theory goes, is a lot more like me in that she talks incessantly.

Well I’m not one to take offence at that sort of thing because it’s fairly true- I do tend to talk a lot. Sort of a reverse of how it was when I was a nipper really. I was a very quiet and introverted child and have been ,making up for it ever since really.

Fifi not only has my love of talking, she also has my volume. And then some. What she tends to do at the moment (and she’s not two until mid January), is construct fairly simple sentences like “Mummy, Want Milk”, “Mummy Want you Now” (emphasis Fifi’s, not mine) but recently these have become longer and a bit more embellished.

The embellishments, thanks to her tender years often don’t make sense. She has started using “Pinky Ponk” as the end to some sentences. Most notable though is her use of her brothers favourite breakfast, “Cheese Roll!”, as punctuation.

So now days we can have a conversation that goes something like this:

Fifi: Dadda, cheese roll, me love you, want cuddle pinky ponk.
Me: Come here and I’ll give you a cuddle. Do you want your tummy tickled?
Fifi: No way! Cheese Roll!

I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to know whether at any point in time if she actually wants a cheese roll…