The death of our washing machine

When Wifey and I moved in together 8 and a bit years ago we had to buy all our white goods. I had plenty of AV gear and computers, game consoles and the like but didn’t own so much as a kettle. Last Thursday was a bit of a watershed as the first device bit the dust.

Our washing machine has had hard use, especially in the last 4 years since children came along. Last Thursday it stopped spinning part way through a wash. It was a bit of a dilemma really as it didn’t seem worth getting an engineer in to fix something that old.

I ended up doing a bit of googling and found out it was likely to be the brushes in the motor that had worn down. I ordered a couple of replacements for the grand sum of £8. It took a few days for them to arrive, causing wifey to go beyond the call of duty and hand wash a few pairs of my pants. When they finally came I set aside a whole evening to sort the thing out.

I started at around 7ish and had the washing machine doing a full wash with a great spin less than an hour later. It didn’t last. I fiddled again and got it spinning. Then the pump got blocked by all the gunk I’d loosened. I cleared the pipe (and ended up puking in the process as I got a mouth full of gunk). The floor got wet and gunky enough that I ended up in just my pants. Finally I got everything working, only for the LED to pack up.

The next morning it gave up the ghost again and now we’re waiting for a delivery of a new machine. We’ve opted for the exact model thats just died on us- 8 years is bloody good for a washing machine!