Me and my shadow


Fifi might have turned two a week or so ago but at the moment she is doing her best impression of a three and a half year old boy. She’s always been fairly good at scrumming, and wrestles with the best of the bigger kids. It probably helps that she’s as big as her brother was at two and a half and he isn’t a small boy.

But that’s fairly normal. For the last few days she’s been more or less copying her big brother stride for stride. He wants a banana, she has to have one (and leave most of it). He wants more fish fingers, the fact she doesn’t like fish fingers doesn’t even enter the equation.He wants to play with his Imaginex Spaceship, so does she. He walks around the room, so does she, two paces behind him. The only thing she wont copy is the sitting on the toilet, there are some things that are just a step too far.