Daddy’s Girl

Looking back over the last few months, most of the blog posts about Fifi have been me complaining about how she doesn’t sleep and how naughty she is. I think this gives an untrue impression of how the wee lass and I get on. Let me explain…

I had the day off the other Friday to look after the little people while Wifey went on a course. The Boy went to school in the morning so that left me and Fifi to hang out together for 3 hours. Once she’d calmed down from not being carried all the way back from the nursery school, we set about some serious father and daughter time. At two years old, Fifi is very fun to hang out with, as long as it’s just you and her. She gets terribly jealous of her older brother getting attention and doesn’t like it if you’re doing something else. Remove all those obstacles though and you’re in for such a fun time.

Her sense of humour definitely veers towards slapstick, so anybody banging into something or falling over has her in gales of laughter. She’s also not adverse to whacking you with something, in her ill-advised attempt at a joke. When she likes something, she literally jumps from foot to foot in excitement, and when she doesn’t like something, she’ll certainly let you know.

We went supermarket shopping on our morning together as this is apparently one of her favourite hobbies. She sat in the trolley and directed me around the supermarket, instructing me on what to buy, pointing and telling me about things and staring down other children. Unlike her brother, she is so chatty.

Normally the only time I get to spend with her is bedtime when I give her a bath and get her ready for bed. The boy normally spends most of this period cowering under the dining room table, in fear of a hair wash. I like it because I get attention from Fifi because she wants to give it to me and not because she doesn’t want to be left out as her brother is getting it.

The day did have it’s downside though, she now insists I get her dressed every morning. This can be interesting as I generally have absolutely no idea whatsoever about matching girls clothing. Oh well…