And then I got a hug

I had a couple of traumatic conversations with the boy while I was away at the Shell V Power Network of Champions event. It’s really the only time in his almost 4 years where he’s gone to bed and woken up without me being there.

The conversations went something like this:

Me: Hello M’laddo
Boy: I want you
Me: I’ll be home in a couple of days. Love you.
Boy: I really want you
Me: I know but I’m a couple of hundred miles away
Boy: I really really want you
Me: What have you done today?
Boy: Daddy?
Me: Yes?
Boy: I really really really want you. Now

Well you get the gist, and it didn’t really happen that quickly, it took almost an hour. All I could hear from Fifi were exclamations that she had a football sticker- she occasionally grabbed the phone and shouted excitedly down it at me but that was it really.

When I got back to sunny St Albans on Saturday lunch time I had to stroll in the bright sunshine down to the museum because there was a fossil handling session for kids which wifey was running, with the assistance of the two little ones.

The boy played it nonchalant but Fifi bounded over to me and gave me a massive hug and said she loved me. That was magic because most of the time I only get the occasional mum’s-not-here-so-you’ll-do attention from the wee lass, so to actually get a really fierce hug was spesh.

I did manage to give wifey a furtive hug as well, which was no mean feat given the large number of kids causing merry bedlam around the place.