Introduction to school playground politics

On the odd occasion I’ve dropped the boy off at nursery I’ve been routinely ignored by most of the mum’s. I think I’ve even bloggged about it, concluding that my coat doesn’t look expensive enough for St Albans.

A school playground. Obviously

This morning however I have had my first proper experience of the kind of crappy behaviour some parents seem to think is acceptable. Last night the school emailed out a list of birthdays to enable parents to ensure that parties they organise for their kids don’t clash.

The boy’s birthday is 5 weeks away, longer notice than you’d formally give for a wedding (according to etiquette guides at any rate) and he’s lucky enough to have his on a Saturday this year. Some yucky mummy saw this email last night and as a result this morning rushed out her daughters invites for ten days after her daughters birthday, on our lads actual birthday.

I’m a mixture of angry and sad. Angry that she’s done it and potentially caused some upset for our lad, sad that we’ve now got to sort something out for the boy, who really really wants his little friends round on his actual birthday and sad for this woman’s kids growing up in a house with such a selfish woman for a mother.

I’m sure she has an expensive coat which just goes to show money doesn’t make you.