The Secret Life of Boys

I said boys dammit

We had our first parents evening last night at the boys nursery school. It was certainly eye-opening because the most we ever get from him when we ask him what he did at school is “Not anything.” and then a rapid change of subject.

Like a lot of boys, he’s always been a fan of Bob the Builder so it did come as something of a surprise to see him standing next to a real life digger in his school newsletter when he hadn’t even mentioned the excitement in passing to us at the time.

It was pretty much like that at his parents evening last night. The teacher told us all sorts of things that he’s been up to, showed us his learning journal with pictures and notes in and generally bamboozled us with all the things he’s been up to but hasn’t deigned to tell us about.

For instance, when he took his favourite book in last week, the rather wickedly awesome Aliens Love Underpants, for the nursery’s World Book Day thingy, he dutifully told us it had just sat their until we collected it. His teacher paints a slightly different story, a story that includes the boy sitting down with her and reading it to her (or rather describing what’s going on from the pictures and discussing the spaceships since he can’t read yet) and laughing all the while.

To say he keeps his cards close to his chest would appear to be an understatement!