A day of contrasts

Today has been an odd day with the two kids. It started off inauspiciously, with the theft of the other bunny by the wee lass from the boys room. He wasn’t playing with it and has hitherto shown little or no interest in it but obviously because it was in the clutches of his sister, it was the most important thing in the world. Much whining, mock crying and flinging himself about occurred until it was repatriated.

Fifi really had the devil in her today so there was a lot of tit for tat theft going on between the two of them all morning. This ranged from sheets of stickers, to comics, crayons and colouring books and saw both of them take a turn on the naughty step- Fifi for robbery and M’laddo for attempting a Tatsumaki Senpūkyaku straight from the manual of Street Fighter. Fortunately his karate isn’t up to much yet.

Oddly though, when we moved on to gardening and then out the front, the two of them played really well together, lots of helping each other out, and just getting along. Even with the water pistols, which was pretty astonishing. Maybe a spot of lunch had mellowed them out or maybe the sun was just a bit too hot for anything like the rucking they were doing.

It reminds me of a photo of the two of them that wifey published on her blog a couple of days back and I’ve reproduced below. When they get on, they really get on. Fifi refused to go to bed tonight until Sam had come in and given her a kiss, which says it all really.

shes only keeping up due to wheel spin on ice