After a week of intermittent pool usage on holiday, the nippers were quite buoyed by the chance to go swimming at the weekend. Or “‘wimmin” as Fifi calls it.  We booked them in at the local secondary school pool for a taster lesson. The boy had done some of a course of lessons last year but it wasn’t entirely successful. Problems with the pool had cancelled half of them, so there wasn’t a great continuity about it all.

The great thing about this place is they cover ages as young as two. We had to wait for the boy to turn 3 before we could take him, but I was in the pool with Fifi on Sunday and she’s only two and a half. The kids spent the week leading up to their taster lesson bursting with excitement and then, when we got in the car, they spent the trip to the pool in tears. This was because it was a different pool and Fifi was only crying because the boy was.

Still, at the end of it Fifi was bursting with pride and the boy had successfully chatted up at least two bikini wearing instructors. The smooth operator…