Besting it up at Camp Bestival

Are you this man? You are a berk if you are

Last weekend saw my first proper camping trip with the boy. It also saw us at Camp Bestival where we hooked up with Kat & Dan and Claire.

We had great fun pitching our tent (less fun getting to the camp site from the car park but I made it in the end) and having what the lad referred to as mid-time feasts during the night. In between all this we had time to see a few bands play. Admittedly the boy did think that Deborah Harry was a man but that was more to do with her suit than her manly build. Honest.

The lad spent most of the weekend on my shoulders, wee’ing into plastic bottles when caught short and stuffing his chops at the River Cottage Canteen. (Lamb burger if you must know).

The festival is quite kid friendly, although it didn’t stop the berk to the right sitting 2 inches in front of the boy when the punch & judy show began. I asked him to move and he must have shuffled over by at least two inches. Still, other than that everyone was pretty great.

main stage action at night

When pressed on his return for his very favourite moment, it didn’t involve Groove Armada, Newton Faulkner, The Wonderstuff, Blondie, Eliza Doolittle or any other band. Oh no, it involved putting up a tent, taking down a tent, having midnight feasts and yes, wee’ing into a bottle.