Schools started. Ish.

On his way to school

Despite the Back to School promotions starting in the final week of July, it’s only now that most schools are actually getting kids back in. It’s past the time that the boy needs to be back at school, this time reception and not nursery. He’s had enough of the endless summer and so have we. I’ve read on twitter some families have had 9 week summer holidays, some less, some more. I was even speaking to someone who’s kid is just starting reception that has had to get an au pair in because they do such a gentle easing in of the children that it’s 5 full weeks before the children actually do a 9am-3.30pm. If you’re a working parent, and increasingly a lot are, that’s incredibly hard to deal with.

software for school timetabling???

Whilst it’s not quite a 5 week marathon at the boys school, it is complicated enough to have us in complete knots. 9.30 this morning; 9 tomorrow morning, up to lunch; mum stays for lunch; kids only for lunch then home; kids do the full day, all spread over a couple of weeks that are sure to make the boy not know whether he’s coming or going.

Typically the school are doing a staggered intake and typically they are doing it alphabetically. That means his friends with “B” surnames went in yesterday and know what they’re doing today, increasing the sense of confusion as he comes in to a different classroom with different teachers. All I can think of is I ended up sitting next to Chris Worrall in most classes at secondary school as the teachers sat us alphabetically. And that made no sense.

The boy likes to know what he’s doing. At bed on a Sunday he always quizzes me on what the week ahead has in store. This weekend just gone I had to say some school of an indeterminate length. I can’t be more precise than that. I think the sentiment is good, but in reality teachers aren’t giving kids enough credit. They’re tough little buggers and herd mentality should keep them in line if all else fails but above all, they like routine and like to know what they’re doing.

Still, he seemed very excited this morning from what wifey has said, which is just as well because at 5 months pregnant, she’s not really in any condition to sprint after him if he legs it again!