Pregnancy: a dad’s eye view part 1

When wifey suggested I wrote a few blog posts with a blokes eye view on the whole pregnancy thing, I was initially skeptical. I mean, it sounds like the sort of routine Michael Mcintyre would do to a mixture of great laughs a bit of resentment. When I thought about it a bit though, I thought it would be interesting to see how it compares to other Dad’s views and the adventure I had with the first two.

We have number three on the way as you might have guessed. I’ve told people that it took 18 months to conceive our eldest, 8 months to conceive our lovely little girl and about 3 minutes to conceive our third. That may well be an exaggeration, 3 minutes on a good day perhaps but you get the gist. In a twist of fate our third child wasn’t exactly planned- wifey was desperate for a third for almost two years after the birth of Fifi and then gradually decided perhaps she didn’t want another. So obviously about 3 weeks after that decision was sort of reached, we found out she was pregnant.

For completely selfish reasons, I’d never been that keen on having a third child. Two parents, two children and no one left out seemed to make sense to me to a degree but the most part of it was typical obsessive stupidity- things like how would we get 3 car seats in the car, or where would we store the roof box we’d inevitably need. I can be a right plonker at times. Of course that ambivalence disappeared when I knew number three was on the way but I still had my worries, fears and hopes for the little bundle of added family we’ve got on the way.

We went out for dinner on wifey’s birthday, early May, and I think that we both knew she was pregnant then, although it was sort of an unspoken truth between us. Flipping heck, this all sounds heavy doesn’t it? I think it was just so darn unexpected and it caught us both out.

So those are my thoughts around actually finding out that number 3 was on the way, feel free to call me all sorts of names for being stupid about it, I certainly have. Next up will be a post about trying to wrangle 2 under fives, a job and everything else when your wife is pregnant. Note: it mostly involves moving boxes.