Frittering your life away, one minute at a time with Xbox Live & YouTube

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have procrastination down to a fine art form. I remember seeing a sticker with Disney’s Goofy on it captioned , “Why put off until tomorrow what you can put off indefinitely?” when I was a youngster and I seem to have very much taken that to heart.

Before the Internet you had to be creative in your frittering, and it took real effort. Since the internet all you need is a computer. Fortunately all that has changed even as I type, as you can now get access to YouTube on your Xbox 360! So you can watch my YouTube channel on your big telly. Let me tell you, hearing a two and four year old chorusing the terrible theme tune you’ve done to a video you’ve made is nothing short of magical.

YouTube is the best thing in the history of the world for wasting time on. There is nothing more satisfying that skipping from one thing to another, and pretty soon you’ll find the entire evening has gone and the ironing hasn’t magically done itself. Bugger.

So what sort of stuff do I tend to look at? Well there’s original stuff from some of the demented geniuses that hang out at B3TA:

I love this homage to the good old days of computering, like it says, there’s more than 16k in a letter nowadays.


Weebl and Bob are classic stuff, don’t let anyone tell you differently!

This has had more than 12,000,000 views. Twelve million!

But what you can find is utter utter genius that wouldn’t have an outlet anywhere else. I mean, without YouTube, would you ever be able to see this brilliant trailer for The Shining, a romantic comedy?

 The great thing is, after every video you get recommendations to others, and it’s so easy to click through. Before you know it, the sun is creeping up over the horizon and it’s time to get up. Whoops.