The unwritten rules of war: Xbox Live Sports Week

The worst sort of war is a dirty war where the rules of engagement aren’t clear or known properly by both sides.

I’m currently involved in a dirty war and it isn’t pleasant, not least because both sides haven’t openly admitted there is a war going on. This is a war being fought on the sofa, sprawled on the rug and perched on the end of the coffee table.

As with a lot of wars, their is a prize, an asset, a goal that is disputed. In this instance it is the Xbox 360 controller and the border skirmishing started when those nice people at Xbox gave us a months free SKY TV through Xbox Live. That’s SKY TV, with all the normal channels, all the movies channels and… all the sports channels.

You see, I’m aware that my wife is nigh on perfect but she does have one small character flaw. She abhors most sport but most of all football. That’s more of a gaping chasm of ineptitude the more I think about it really. I can write that as she had a baby 5 days ago and isn’t likely to read this for a while. Shhh, don’t tell her.

So we are having the inevitable power struggle for the control of content. I failed to watch Man Utd lose in hilarious fashion last night as wifey had won the battle (but not the war).

Mutually Assured Destruction

We’re not M.A.D. (she’d lose SKY1 and SKY Movies, I’d lose all the sports channels) though, we’re only trying this for a month so I know we have to show a bit of give and take which is more than my work colleague, lets call him Barry shall we, gets. He can count in advance the punishment that will be meted out to him for every football match he watches. If it’s his team (Liverpool) he might get an evenings worth of chores left to him, if it’s an arbitrary match or two in a day, it’s become common knowledge he might get cold shouldered for a week, or the silent treatment for longer. I swear blind I’ve seen their place patrolled by UN Peacekeepers.

So I failed to get to watch my teams mortal enemies get thrashed by Newcastle Utd but it gets worse. I did manage to catch my team, Arsenal, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the 93’rd minute at Fulham last weekend. Wonderful. The casualties of war perhaps…