I need help disposing of an 11 year old

It’s okay, I don’t need assistance getting rid of a body or anything, I don’t have someone stashed in the cellar/dungeon. It’s a metaphorical 11 year old you see. I did some weighing, looked at some BMI charts (more than one I should add) and found out I could do with shifting roughly 7 stone.

That’s a meaningless number though, and I thought it would be better visualised as the weight of a child of a certain age. A bit of googling of average weights and I went for an 11 year old. I’ve now asked my mum to dig a photo out of me (and lets be honest, it will be a school photo) when I was 11.

I’ve lost and gained weight for most of my adult life but hand on heart, I think it’s much harder to lose weight and stay trim when you have 3 under 5’s in the house. At my best I could run a few miles and fit into a pair of 34 inch trousers. At the moment, I’ve no idea how far I could run, but I can squeeze into a pair of 38’s and 40’s are spacious. A lot of my excessive weight in the past has been down to excessive lager consumption but that’s a thing of the past itself. Nowadays I can lay the blame soundly at the feet of calories in > calories out (that’s a greater than symbol if you’re confused). Mooching round the house scoffing all of wifey’s secret chocolate should probably go down on my hobbies list.

It’s time really. Where do people find the time? If I want to go for a half an hour run, realistically it’s going to take at least an hour with warm ups, warm downs, a shower and whatever. It’s not as if I can get up any earlier either, I was giving Danger a bottle this morning at ten to 6, so short of getting up at 5ish I can’t shoe horn anything in at the start of the day and by the time I’ve bathed the kids and so on, it’s almost 8.

Still, with the weather at as it is (icy and snowy) at the moment, it’s all a bit moot anyway. I don’t believe in gym membership, they tie you in to long and expensive contracts before you find out logistically it’s impossible to get there for more than a handful of times a month. So first things first, get a handle on the calorie intake and then look at boosting the exercise past walking 4-5 miles a day.

It’s a start isn’t it?