With winter gradually fleeing the country and the rainy season starting (this of course wont reach a peak until, oooh, about July unfortunately), I’m considering setting up the trampoline in the garden again.

Both the kids love bouncing (and I’m sure Danger will when he gets a bit older) and during the winter months the boinging has had to find different outlets. Most of the time it simply involves jumping up and down on the rug, with the additional shouting of “boing!” if you’re Fifi. Sometimes it overspills to the sofa and we have to be quick to put a stop to that. Fifi is going through a very very cute comedy phase at the minute and everything she does that doesn’t involve screaming is very amusing.

Currently Fifi’s boing time is rather earlier and more intimate though. She’s taken to coming into our room at around 6am and having a boisterous bounce about on the bed, waking both of us up in the process. She’s so happy and full of life, it would seem churlish to tell her off and anyway, Danger is usually awake at this point.

I’ve no idea where this love of bouncing comes from though. I’m so flat footed with next to no spring in my step, that the kids definitely haven’t inherited their love of boing from me…