F1 kicks off this weekend- woohoo!!!

Fifi is a huge F1 fan, thanks to some clever brain washing on my part. Every time she used to get up at 4am and demand to play (and eat biscuits) I used to slap the F1 on if there was a southern hemisphere race that weekend. She used to complain bitterly and demand Pig of the Peppa variety but I used to hold firm and after the race stick a constant loop of Peppa on for an hour. Eventually I conditioned her to accept that F1 now meant Peppa Pig later and we were all happy (if not a little tired by lunch time).

(right) His name is Inigo Montoya, you killed his father, prepare to die   

We had a brief interlude between all conquering Teutonic greatness in F1 and this season I’m hoping Vettel’s proposed 3rd in a row championship will be verboten by the powers that power the other teams. I’ve a way with words haven’t I? It’s not necessarily a good way though.

Anyway, as another season is about to kick off and my chums at Shell have this exclusive video of Scuderia Ferrari drivers Alonso and Massa being interviewed about the forthcoming season.