It’s the theatre daaaaaaaaaarlng

Aside from the GoGoGo Show (still showing in school holidays people) our theatre going mostly occurred BC*. It’s a shame really, I love the smell of grease paint etc and when we recently watched Anonymous, all the stuff in and around the Globe Theatre got me wistful. We used to go there a lot during the summer season.

We’ve seen a number of West End shows over the years, one or two of them are pretty much West End institutions like We Will Rock You or Mama Mia but we’ve seen some rather brilliant lower key stuff like Denise Van Outen appearing in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s one-woman show Tell Me On A Sunday.

We’ve always been leery about buying tickets online because there is always that nagging doubt you’re in the process of being ripped off. Even when we bought tickets for Alice in Wonderland online from the Barbican itself, I was unconvinced and thought the worst when someone demanded we move out of their seats. It turned out that the seats were indeed theirs but fortunately not until the following Saturday. Still, buying from someone like will still ensure you really really get your tickets and also have a decent discount.

It’s depressing to think that any theatrical outings that we have for the next few years are going to involve puppets (we’ve already done Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam) or brightly dressed people doing their best impression of imbeciles but there is still a chance that someone might actually baby sit for us before we’re old and grey…

*Before Children. Don’t ask.