RIP the Letter

How much???

It’s a little known fact that the Royal Mail makes most of it’s money from business post. People sending each other letters accounts for a small fraction of what posties deliver, so news that the cost of first and second class stamps are going through the roof probably sounds the final death knell for popping a card or a letter in the post. In case you hadn’t heard, the price of a first-class stamp will rise from 46p to 60p from 30 April, and second-class will go up from 36p to 50p. That’s going to make the Christmas card rigmarole a lot more expensive isn’t it?

I think it’s a shame really, although I seldom send letters when I do, they are hand crafted and have a lot more thought put into them than a hastily dashed off email. It’s also a great way of encouraging children to learn to write. Our lad is forever writing letters to his grandparents and whilst this increase wont stop us letting him post them, the cost will begin to mount up. Since consumer post makes up such a small percentage (13% according to the Government, page 21) it would make more sense to me if the business element had a price hike to subsidise the consumer element but I suppose with the Government likely to privatise the Royal Mail, this is never going to happen.

So are you going to stop sending letters?