Small babies are stinky

Danger* is a wonderful little fella. He’s a shade over two months old now, has the sweetest temperament, smiles a lot and is fascinated by his brother and sister. True, he makes a fuss literally all night, and does some epic explosive poos. The poo he did this morning was so violent, it came out of the side of his nappy, through two layers of clothing, his baby sleeping bag and made my trousers wet.

But he’s stinky, and not in the way that you’d necessarily expect. We keep him clean down below because a mucky baby is a sore baby. Of course that doesn’t stop a modicum of stink but milk fed babies tend to make a sweeter smelling poo that older kids. No, the real stink comes from unexpected sources.

Danger has a very stinky head at the moment. I used cradle cap shampoo as well as normal baby shampoo. The former makes no difference whatsoever and the latter just perfumes his bonce for an hour or two. It’s not a faint smell either, when I’m giving him his bottle it’s almost all I can smell.

In addition, there are the hands. Stinky hands are a problem that Fifi also suffered from but the boy didn’t for some reason or other. A day of fist clenching in various temperatures invariably means Danger has sweaty vinegary hands by the time I get home. Yuck!

Perhaps I’m just a delicate wallflower myself and most other people don’t notice this kind of thing. Did you?

*it’s his middle name, and with Fifi and the Boy leaping around there is a fair amount of danger believe me