Some people are selfish

We were luck enough to attend the preview screening of Mirror Mirror yesterday at the Empire Leicester Square. The screening was at the slightly odd time of 11am, so Danger kicked off about an hour in demanding a feed and a play. Since we happened to be sitting next to one of the Telegraph’s film critics, I thought it was best to take him out into the lobby. Danger didn’t really agree with me, as he promptly wee’d all over me.

After a change and a bottle and a play, the film itself was over. The 45 minutes I saw was pretty good but I’d suggest you check out wifey’s blog for the full low down.

Given the time, we thought a Happy Meal would be the best bet and headed for the Plaza on Oxford Street. The Maccy D’s there had closed at some point though so we strolled past a plethora of cheap tourist tat shops down to the one on the corner of Oxford St and Tottenham Court Road. If you don’t know this fast food establishment, and why would you, most of the seating isn’t on the ground floor and is only accessible by stairs. Not much cop with a pushchair. In acknowledgement of this. McDonald’s have the four tables on the ground floor marked thus:

We can all guess where this is going can’t we?

Obviously some people are too idle to walk down a flight of stairs and when push comes to shove, I would have asked someone half way through their meal to move, and then followed up with the duty manager when they didn’t. Fortunately I didn’t have to, as two chaps had just sat down and hadn’t even unwrapped their burgers.

We’re not moving because we’re arseholes
Look, you can see where this is going can’t you? Two idle so and so’s who refused to move, children crying, tempers flaring etc etc. Well fortunately only part of it came to pass. The two idle loafers did indeed refuse to give up their seats in the disabled/pushchair area but world war 3 was averted by the only family leaving and offering us their table. I was so irritated I tweeted:  Let’s retweet photo of two idiots who refused to move from McDonalds pushchair seating area: rest of seats downstairs  after giving the pair a piece of my mind. I’m fully in favour of naming and shaming selfish toe-rags online. It’s the least they deserve. Still, at least I actually spoke to them before venting my ire on twitter. I’m not that impotent!
At least the kids were fed in the end and everyone was happy. A marked improvement on our exit from The Making of Harry Potter tour at WB’s the previous day!