The Sorry Clock

Yesterday the boy was about as naughty as a boy can be. At the tender age of 4 (well, 5 next month but you get my drift), he fled school with a couple of his buddies and disappeared for over half an hour. Wifey had Fifi and Danger with her and simply couldn’t keep up with the boys.

It took his partners in crime’s mum on her bike to find them in the end because they showed no homing instinct or awareness of the trouble they were in.

They boys knew that they were in trouble though because as soon as the other mum found them, they tried that special little boy tactic of bursting into tears to get them out of a real telling off. Proper chest wrenching, snot streaming, sobbing.
We’ve always been quite clear on stranger danger with him but he seems to think at the moment a punch to the willy is the solution to everything. Silly little sod. Wifey told him off and then phoned me up so he could explain himself to me but between the sobbing and threats to cut my head off, and Fifi in the background dobbing him in it as much as is humanly possible, I couldn’t get a word in or really hear him either.
Fifi has been equally naughty too, running across the road on her own in the aftermath of her brothers escape. In typical Fifi fashion, when I tried to take her to task over this, she talked over me, telling me of the boys naughtiness. On top of the amount of fibbing she’s been up to recently, I can see I’m going to have my hands full with her in the not too distant future.
Still, whilst the boy was naughtier than Fifi, she didn’t make a Sorry Clock:
The Boy’s Sorry Clock in all it’s glory

And no, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever why he decided the best way to apologise for running off and scaring everyone half to death was to make a pretend clock out of a paper plate and some superhero stickers but it’s a 10 out of 10 for effort and thought.