Birthday approaching, sound the klaxon

The boy has his 5th birthday next week, something he has been reminding us of pretty much since the wrapping paper was still on the carpet from Christmas. The list of things he wants for his birthday has been long and varied, which means buying him anything pretty much until the day before has been out of the question. Different toys have been the flavour of the month since Christmas, and keeping track of what he actually would like (and what we think is appropriate both in terms of age/suitability and price of course) is pretty tricky. At some point we’ve had to draw a line and say, that’s it, no more helpful suggestions. I blame the Argos catalogue, which he now regularly takes to bed with him.

Toy Story toys are a perennial favourite though, particularly the Lego stuff. They boy has had his fully articulated Buzz Lightyear since he was three (and it’s still in one piece!) and has even taken to wearing a pair of hand me down Lightyear PJ’s almost every night. It’s becoming an obsession. The problem is, he’s not asked for any Toy Story stuff for his birthday. We’ve got Ben 10 (Omnitrix), Star Wars (Clone Trooper dressing up outfit) and a big boy scooter between us and both sets of his grandparents. A plenty big enough haul for a 5 year old.

So will there be tears? Almost certainly, and probably some from Fifi too at not being the centre of attention. Oh well…